May 29, 2009

Bedding and Gifts

I have received so many wonderful gifts! I would like to thank Pam and Shandi for the cute clothes and books. I don't think TJ knows what to do with you guys. He said every time he turns around you guys are buying something. Y'all are too sweet! I heard TJ is great at reading Brown Bear. I will be keeping that book at the office, so we can get some entertainment. The bunny slippers and bunny blankie are from my Mom and Dad. My mom bought those slippers last year just because she thought they were so cute and I think she was ready for grand kids. Well, she got her wish. Two at one time! The bunny is adorable. Sarah and mom bought it in North Carolina, during their girls week. I think it will be her favorite blankie! The pink blanket my mother-n-law made for her. It matches the bedding I picked out perfectly. She is very crafty! Thank you everyone for the gifts! We really appreciate them. Here is the bedding I picked out. I am going to do the shabby chic look. And I think it matches the blue walls, so I won't have to paint.

May 27, 2009

The Boat

I haven't been on the boat since I have been pregnant, so last weekend we decided to try it out. I was so excited to go fishing and be out in the sun, but it didn't go as planned. The seas were 6-8 feet and our little girl was not liking it. We did get to stay out long enough to catch 1 dolphin, so that was exciting. Then Bryson brought me back in and dropped us off at the dock. Cason, Megan and I decided to go to the beach since we were already in our bathing suits and ready to get some sun. Here are some pictures of us at the beach. I am 21 weeks in these pictures.

May 14, 2009

Skeet Shoot in Arcadia

I spent last weekend in Arcadia with my good friend, Cason. Cason and her aunt were in charge of a fundraiser skeet shoot on Saturday, for a high school boy who has cancer. Neither one of them have ever been to a skeet shoot before and were working their butts off to get it all set up. I told Cason that I would volunteer since I have been to a couple of skeet shoots before. I was in charge of signing the walk-up shooters in and then I drove the drink cart around and made sure no one was dehydrated. Cason and her aunt did an awesome job and raised $8000!!! Everyone had a blast and already want to do it again. Here is a picture of Cason and I at the end of the shoot.

Sunday was Mother's Day and Bryson had to work all day, so I stayed in Arcadia. Cason's family had a wonderful cookout for lunch. There was such good food and so much of it. My little girl was loving it! Thank you Bateman's for having me for Mother's Day! After lunch we went to visit our friend Sheri. Sheri is pregnant and is due in June. She also has the cutest little boy! We couldn't get him to smile for the camera but he did stick his tongue out for it.
Sheri and I

Crew and I

May 04, 2009


My mom and I did some shopping this weekend. I think we got everything I will need for the rest of my pregnancy. I had her take a picture of me with the baby bump that they let you put on to make sure the clothes will still fit when you are 9 months. Don't laugh too hard!