July 30, 2009

Gestational Diabetes

My doctor was happy with my blood readings at my last doctor's visit. He thinks we will be able to control this just by the diet and I won't have to take insulin. The only thing he told me was that I needed to start eating more. It is hard for me to eat a lot because every time I do then I have a bad blood sugar reading. It scares me and then the next meal I try to eat less.

I also went and talked with a diabetes specialist. She was very helpful and taught me a lot. This whole time I have been avoiding foods with sugar. And really only eating vegetables and proteins. She taught me that I need carbs to fuel my body and not to be scared to eat them. She also told me that I need to count carbs instead of sugars in foods. She gave me a very detailed diet with 6 small meals a day and told me that the evening snack was the most important to help my glucose levels over night. She also told me to eat more and not to be scared when I get high readings. She said it is more important for me to eat and have high readings where then they can put me on insulin instead of starving just to get low readings. I also learned that as the pregnancy goes on the worst my blood sugars will get until about week 38 then they will have a drastic decrease. And hopefully after I deliver it will go away all together.

Since meeting with the specialist, I had very good readings for about 3 days while eating a lot more and even eating things that were making my blood sugar high before. I have been very good about the diet she put me on and trying my best to stick with it. However, the last two days my readings have gone back to being high. The only thing I can think of is that I am further along now and that my insulin requirements have increased, which she told me would happen. My next doctor's appointment is Aug. 11th. I hope he is still happy with my readings so I won't have to go on insulin. Wish me Luck!

July 20, 2009

Lake Summit Pictures

Me(30 weeks), Cason, and Sarah(34 weeks)

Cason and I

My dog Gracie

Jack, Danny, Sarah and I

Dad and his girls

Marybeth, Me, Sarah, and Cason

Glucose Test

Sorry, it has been so long since my last post. I've been very busy this July. My last doctor's appointment I received my glucose test results and they came back really high. So I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. My doctor put me on a diet and has me checking my blood 4 times a day. I really don't mind checking my blood but I hate the diet. I never realized that sugar is in almost everything I love. Right after I found out about this, I left for vacation and just returned home. So this week, I will have another doctor's appointment and I will also have an appointment with the diabetes specialist who should be able to help me out with my diet. I have realized that I pretty much can't drink milk or eat any whites and very few carbs. All of those things have made my blood sugar sky rocket. Hopefully, I will be able to control this just by dieting and it will go away after the pregnancy. My doctor's appointment is Tuesday and then I have the diabetes specialist on Thursday. I will let you know how it goes. And I will also post pics from my vacation.