September 14, 2009

One More Week!!!

I can't believe it is already here. Next week, we will have a little girl in our arms...We can't wait! We are so excited and a little nervous at the same time. We went to the doctor today. He said that she is weighing in around 7.5 lbs right now. She is already bigger than her cousin Thomas! He said everything was looking good. We are just hoping her shoulders aren't too big from the diabetes, if they are then I will end up having to have a C-section, but we won't know until that day. We had to switch the induction date to the 22nd because he had a surgery on the 21st. Which was fine with us because the 22nd is my father-n-laws birthday. We will go see the doctor Monday morning to learn everything we need to do for the big day and then we go check into the hospital Tuesday at 6am. This is all if she doesn't come earlier,which would also be fine with me. I'm starting to get very uncomfortable, but just have to keep thinking only one more week!!!

September 13, 2009

Crossen's Nursery

My Aunt Cindy, mom and mother-n-law came over last week to decorate my nursery. They did an awesome job... I love it! My Aunt Cindy is wonderful at decorating and I really appreciate everything she did for me. Crossen is one lucky girl! The only two things we are still waiting on are the slip covers for the rocker and a side table for it too. We just put a side table that we had in the house there for now but Cindy found one that will go perfect.

September 02, 2009

36 Weeks

Any Day Now or 20 Days

I went to the doctor yesterday for my weekly checkup. He is still concerned about my diabetes so he would like to induce me a little early. Good news though is that he doesn't think I will be having any 9 lb baby. We set up a day! So I will be induced on Sept. 21. Then he decided to check my cervix. Aaron and I didn't like the face he made. He looked shocked! I asked him why he was making that face and he said that he just wasn't expecting me to already be dilated and effaced for it being my first baby. I am 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. He said he could already feel her head and that I would definitely not make it to my due date. So it could be any day now or a couple of more weeks! Let's hope a couple of more weeks. I have so much to do to get everything ready!