March 13, 2009

The Next Month

The next month I started my fertility plan. I tried to stay positive but in the back of my mind I really didn't think it was going to work. Well, I was totally wrong! During my two week wait, I felt different than normal but didn't want to jinx myself so never told anyone. I couldn't wait to take a pregnancy test. The day came where I could take one but A was out of town and I wasn't sure if I should wait for him. Who was I kidding, there was no way that I could wait the whole weekend for him to get home. So off I went to take my first positive pregnancy test! I was soooo excited!!!! WOHOOO;) I didn't know what to do.  My mom, aunt, cousin and a friend were there visiting for the weekend but were still sleeping, so I ran outside to call A but then decided I should probably tell him in person. So I got off the phone with him and went inside. Then decided I couldn't wait and had to tell someone and I wanted A to be the first person to know so I called him right back. He was so excited. He is going to make a great dad! I was going to wait and tell everyone else after I went to the doctor but A told me to go ahead and tell my mom since she was there. So I didn't hesitate and ran inside and told my mom, aunt, cousin and their friend. It was a wondeful weekend!

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