May 29, 2009

Bedding and Gifts

I have received so many wonderful gifts! I would like to thank Pam and Shandi for the cute clothes and books. I don't think TJ knows what to do with you guys. He said every time he turns around you guys are buying something. Y'all are too sweet! I heard TJ is great at reading Brown Bear. I will be keeping that book at the office, so we can get some entertainment. The bunny slippers and bunny blankie are from my Mom and Dad. My mom bought those slippers last year just because she thought they were so cute and I think she was ready for grand kids. Well, she got her wish. Two at one time! The bunny is adorable. Sarah and mom bought it in North Carolina, during their girls week. I think it will be her favorite blankie! The pink blanket my mother-n-law made for her. It matches the bedding I picked out perfectly. She is very crafty! Thank you everyone for the gifts! We really appreciate them. Here is the bedding I picked out. I am going to do the shabby chic look. And I think it matches the blue walls, so I won't have to paint.

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