April 01, 2009

14 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. His scale showed that I have only gained 2 lbs, but my scale at home shows that I have gained 6 lbs. Anyhow, he told me that I need to eat more and snack all the time. So today I have been trying really hard to snack constantly. We were able to hear the heartbeat and the doctor told me that the baby is moving a lot. Next week, I will have to go for my second round of genetic blood test. I think I have given more blood in the past couple of months than I have my entire life. Also, I get to make an appointment at the end of April for the anatomy ultrasound. So far most people have told me that I am having a boy but I have no clue and can't wait to find out. What do you think I will have?

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