April 01, 2009


Last weekend, we had a family trip to Texas to see my sister and brother-n-law's new house. The night we got there Sarah took us to the restaurant that she works at. It was very nice and had great food. I think I might have to become a waitress just to get the free food. We went to Fort Worth the next day and saw the cattle drive. I even had my picture taken on top of a long horn with my mom and sister standing beside it. And I even bought a new pair of boots because it was so cold in Texas and all I brought were sandals. We ate really good food the whole weekend and I think I should have gained 20 lbs just from the 1st day. Then the next day we went to Dallas. We went through The Sixth Floor Museum. It was all about John F. Kennedy and was very interesting. After lunch, we dropped the boys off at a bar so the girls could go shopping. My mom let Sarah and I pick out an outfit for the babies at an adorable baby shop. I can't wait to find out what we are having! That night and Sunday we relaxed at the house watching basketball and playing ping pong. I do have to tell you that Rob and I are the champions in ping pong! And no one wanted to be on my team....
We had a great weekend and can't wait to go back again! Their house is beautiful and has plenty of room for everyone to go visit them!

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