April 17, 2009


We went yesterday to have an ultrasound and we have ourselves a little girl! Almost everyone kept telling me that I was going to have a boy but I just had this feeling that it was a girl. It is perfect because my sister is having a little boy, so now we will have one of each! We are so excited!!!
She was not behaving and it was really hard to get good measurements and pictures of her. She was moving constantly! It might have been my fault, though. Everyone told me that if I drank a little caffeine before the ultrasound that she would move for us. So on the way home from work I drank a Dr. Pepper. In the middle of the ultrasound, Bryson leaned over to me and said I think you drank too much caffeine. I guess so! She was also facing my spine, so we were only able to see the back side of her. Hopefully next time she will not be so active!
The ultrasound tech said that everything looked good. Her heart rate was 162 bpm. The tech also said that I was further along than I thought I was by a week. So I am 17 weeks instead of 16 weeks and that moves my due date to Sept 24th. Now even closer to my sister's due date!
I will post the ultrasound pics on Monday. Along with a new picture of my belly, if I can get Bryson to take one. He didn't know that he was taking the pics for my blog and now I can't get him to take anymore. He thought he was just taking pictures for my little book that keeps track of my pregnancy(Thank you Pam for the book!) and then he found out that they were going on the Internet! But don't worry I will talk him into taking some more!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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