April 29, 2009


Last weekend, I cleaned out the nursery. I gave my sister and Rob the furniture that was in that room and ever since then we have been using it as storage. Well, Bryson has been using it as storage for all his hunting gear. So I spent the weekend getting it all out of there.

Sarah and Rob bought us a beautiful crib for giving them the bedroom furniture. Thank you! It was so easy to put together. My mom and dad gave me a beautiful piece of furniture that my mom had bought in N.C. and then decided that it didn't really go in their house. I am going to use it as the changing table. I will have to take the hutch off to use it and then when she gets older I can put it back on. And I received a wonderful baby gift. My Aunt Diane and cousin Pearce gave me a couple of goodies. A very soft teddy bear and blanket, a stylish cover for nursing, and a munchkin feeding set. Thank you guys!

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